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    San Jose, California, US
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    Sales - Services, Solutions, Customer Success
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What You'll Do 

As a Technical & Strategic Storyteller you will help us design, develop, and deliver Cisco's best outcome-based storylines to create memorable and meaningful Customer Experiences within the Proof of Value (POV) Services Team. You will work with Cisco's Executives, Chief Technology Evangelist, engineers, marketers, and other key stakeholders to research new topics, refine key message, learn new technologies, and present cool, cutting edge technology. This job rocks.

More specifically you will:
- Design and co-create customer-centric, outcome-based stories that will reach Executive, Line of Business, and Technical audiences…all at the same time
- Know how to ‘start with the conclusion’ and tell both linear and non-linear stories

- Deliver results in a customer-centric environment where no day is ever the same twice

- Work collaboratively within a ‘Team of Teams’ from across the entire Cisco & Partner Ecosphere

- Be the go-to person when there is a new idea, a vague topic, or a creative deliverable that no-one has tried before

- Understand customer and industry trends and proactively identify stories and topics that our customers need to hear
- Express opinions and be willing to have your ideas killed, iterated on to become something else, or used as the gold standard

- Question status quo
- Have a customer/audience advocate mindset
- Accept feedback and coaching
- Work on multiple projects with multiple teams with multiple deadlines
- Speak and deliver content to customer, partner, press, government and other audiences in-person, virtually over TelePresence, and also in-studio for recorded VODs
- Exhibit the best presentation and speaking skills in the industry

- Be willing to say yes even if you’re unsure what the ask is – be willing to experiment, prototype and quickly understand what works and doesn’t work.

Who You'll Work With

Cisco's POV Services team is part of the Sales Strategy Organization and responsible for direct customer-facing services that enable sales and increase customer’s confidence to buy. This role will provide strategic and technical storytelling across audiences, services, functions, and technologies. Our innovative team is responsible for designing, developing, and delivering the very best in customer-facing storytelling. Our team works with multiple teams across Cisco to help determine key selling messages, and develop those stories into impactful demonstrations, videos, discussions, presentations, workshops, and customer experiences. Our proposals help close significant amounts of revenue for Cisco; our demonstration cloud (dCloud) is the largest in the industry; we have more CCIE engineers than any other organization or company in the world; and our award-winning Customer Experience Centers host more than 30,000 CXO, VP, and IT customers annually.

We are one, big, techie, customer experience obsessed employee tribe that changes the world while having fun.


Who You Are 

You are a Pioneer, a Teacher, a Creator, and a Connector who loves keeping your skills sharp and sharing knowledge with others. You value and promote ‘Extreme Customer Empathy’ – you can walk in the shoes of our customers and help the rest of the team you work with understand how customers feel. You communicate clearly and effectively. You're better than most at explaining technical jargon through stories that captivate your audience. You know your limits and are not afraid to ask questions. You know how to tell verbal, visual, interactive, and experiential stories that reach both business and technical audiences at the same time. You are unique and recognizable. You don't mind being a recognized personality but you don't seek it. You are a creative idea-generating machine…who can create something amazing starting with nothing.

Minimum Qualifications: 
-Bachelor’s Degree (required), Master’s Degree + (Preferred) – STEAM focused preferred (or Liberal Arts w/ a love of all things geeky)

-Experience in public storytelling for Cisco or other Technology Companies, clips to share?
-Experience on stage (preference for actual stage experience vs crowded room)
-Write and speak in a clear, compelling manner
How You Lead:

You take risks. With people. Not in a reckless, thoughtless way, but rather from a profound belief in their potential. And, in your view, that potential can be best realized through experiment and risk. You say "experience is the best teacher" and so you expose and encourage people to embrace stretch assignments. You put your own skin in the game too, recognizing that your own abilities are amplified when you seek opportunities to reach beyond your current comfort zone. If there's anything to fear, it's missing opportunity's knock. You take a coaching and people-centric approach to leading and influencing.

You Get Excited By:
- Learning new things
- Meeting smart people who have discoveries to share
- Sharing your knowledge
- "Get your hands dirty"
- Simplifying complex topics without losing the spark of the innovation
- The notion using technology to solve big problems for our customers is just as exciting as the technology itself.


Why Cisco

We connect everything: people, processes, data, and things. We innovate everywhere, taking bold risks to shape the technologies that give us smart cities, connected cars, and handheld hospitals. And we do it in style with unique personalities who aren’t afraid to change the way the world works, lives, plays and learns.

We are thought leaders, tech geeks, pop culture aficionados, and we even have a few purple haired rock stars. We celebrate the creativity and diversity that fuels our innovation. We are dreamers and we are doers.

We Are Cisco



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