Lead Designer - User Experience

  • Location:
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Area of Interest
    Engineer - Software
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  • Technology Interest
    Service Provider
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Role & Responsibility
Ownership of design, Creation of design concepts, Leading user research activities and Interaction modelling

Position in Organisation
Works closely with the Product & Design team. Has access to customers and user base. Participates in customer communication. Directly impacts the success of our product. Reports to the Design Manager.

Mandatory Skills
User centered analysis and design, Collaborative spirit, Communication skills, Problem solving attitude

5 to 8 years as a Visual/Interaction Designer in a design team with at least the last 3 years spent on Interaction Design (specialisation)

We prefer candidates who have some experience in the personal infotainment space with a healthy exposure to OTT streaming apps, both as a user and as a designer.




Usability Engineering with focus on
- Information architecture and Interaction modelling
- Establish task flow with Storyboards and Wireframes
- Researching mental models and Persona development

Usability Analysis and User Research
- Cognitive walkthroughs and Contextual inquiry
- Benchmarking and Competitive analysis
- Conduct focus groups or Surveys

User Interface Design
- Layout & Skinning
- Language and Emotion (Messages)
- UI construction with reusable interactive elements
- Usage of Icons and Animations
- Knowledge of Form, Proportion and Colors
- Knowledge of Image and Video Formats

Prototyping & Documentation
- Hi-fidelity and Lo-fidelity Mocks
- Interactive Prototypes
- Design Documentation and Presentation

Key Skills

5 to 8 years of experience in interaction design with a strong body of work to prove your individual contribution

Ability to take on a design challenge and think through the solution in terms of business impact, user experience and engineering overhead

Appreciation and proven usage of UI/UX best practices with hands-on experience in leading and conducting user research

Ability to design for both the primary use cases and edge or corner cases

Ability to collaborate in an effective manner, ensuring a conducive work environment while capitalising on each-others skills. Work with graphics designers, motion graphic artists, prototyping team and product management to drive through design ideas.

Familiarity with Agile systems and able to proactively take up market insights

Substantial experience with responsive grid based layouts, information architecture and gestalt principles for layout modelling

Self-managed with high degree of ownership, accountability and work ethics. Can accurately estimate the impact, work load and delivery timelines for a predictable development plan


You will be a point of contact for design related queries from customer, product management and engineering

You will drive design from insights gained through user research and have a substantiated reasoning behind every decision. Your ideas will be validated through sponsored user studies conducted with any available tools at hand including purpose built interactive prototypes. You will collaborate with the development team and visual designers to create such prototypes.

As and when necessary, you should be able to create low fidelity mocks and prototypes that may be used to generate debate and aid decisions.

You will strive to continuously improve the product design with performance measurements, industry benchmarks and usability analysis. Your ability to stay abreast UX trends will make sure that our applications take advantage of the latest developments and always look trendy.

You will be responsible for the product documentation and presentations. In addition, your ability to visualise data will drive analytics, dashboards and stakeholder communications.

Reasons to Join

As part of the Cisco SPVSS family you will get a deep understanding of the fast-paced Pay TV markets and Personal Entertainment industry. Your designs will impact the bottom lines of the most recognisable household names in India and abroad like TataSky, Airtel, Astro, Sky, Vodafone and more. You will be in the same league as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, making sure your product is better in terms of user experience, performance and user stickiness.

Your designs will reach a wide audience with a potential 40 million subscribers worldwide. You will define the daily entertainment fix for a huge section of the society, including your near and dear. Success of your designs will directly translate into measurable business for the organisation.


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