Senior Kernel Developer

  • Location:
    Prague, Stredocesky, Czech Republic
  • Area of Interest
    Information Technology
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  • Technology Interest
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What You'll Do
This role is primarily responsible for designing and implementing windows endpoint components that identify and contain malicious activity, and allow enterprise-wide management of the endpoint's security posture. The job involves evaluating system data and identifying security breaches. The candidate will be responsible for:

* Delivery of Windows based mini-filter drivers.
* Delivery of Windows based network drivers.
* Delivery of Agent based technology for forensic review of potentially compromised Windows computers.
* Management of a technical team tasked with delivery of an integrated Windows based solution into existing Cisco global Cloud infrastructure.

Who You'll Work With
You will work with a team of security professional strategically placed in North American, Europe and South America. The team working on cutting edge security products using a mixture and traditional and agile methodologies. There is an opportunity to design and implement the next generation security products used by thousands of enterprises around the world.

Who You Are
Candidates will be chosen based upon the required skills below:

* Expertise in Windows Kernel development
* Experience with creating and building mini-filter drivers and network (TDI/WFP) drivers
* Experience with network/transport/common application layer protocols
* Expertise in Windows system call hooking
* Experience with common malware approaches to execution, distribution, and root kit techniques
* Experience with windows security evolution
* Experience with process and post-mortem debugging
* Experience with Win32 API and services

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in security industry with expertise in Windows kernel development, practical experience in cryptography and in:

* multi-threaded application development
* stl / MFC / ATL
* openssl / Windows CryptoAPI
* curl / wininet / winhttp
* interface design and implementation
* common character encodings

Production experience with security based coding and previous work experience with anti-virus vendors/anti-virus products is desired. We require that the candidate possess experience working within ClamAV, working within and modifying ClamAV internals to our needs, experience working with sqlite and optimizing databases for sqlite.

Excellent communications skills are required; the role will be responsible for technical leadership over a team of senior engineers, as well as communicating with customers.

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