Senior Technical Writer, Security Products

  • Location:
    Austin, Texas, US
  • Additional Location(s)
    Fulton, MD; San Jose, CA
  • Area of Interest
    Information Technology
  • Job Type
  • Technology Interest
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Essential Job Responsibilities

Write, Plan, and Design
* Write documentation sets on complex technical material, according to established standards, with little or no supervision.
* Collaborate with subject matter experts and cross-functional teams to produce accurate, high quality documentation.
* Takes ownership for meeting delivery deadlines.
* Successfully handles multiple assignments; accepts new assignments with enthusiasm
* Plans and leads document and content strategy for assigned projects.
* Communicate project status to manager, other writers, and development teams frequently.
* Allocates time effectively and sets priorities to meet goals
* Is well informed of product road maps and upcoming project activities, and shares information with manager
* Typically produces excellent written products that comply with Security Business Group's quality standards, content models, templates, and style guidelines
* Adapts content and style to the needs of the audience
* Takes responsibility to ensure that the documentation is reviewed and approved by stakeholders before publication
* Initiates, leads, or contributes to quality improvement through activities such as participating in peer reviews, contributing to content strategy, establishing best practices, and refining standards

* Continuously expands knowledge and skills across products, technologies, and methodologies to increase his/her perspective and effectiveness
* Continuously improves knowledge of business strategies, and market competition.
* Continuously build knowledge of customers to understand their requirements, adapt documentation to their needs, and advocate for them.

Problem-Solving, Criticality, Innovation and Business Impact
* Participates meaningfully in team discussions and activities (project team, doc team, scrum teams, etc.)
* Investigates problems, seeks input, and then takes decisive action (communicating with manager as appropriate)
* Communicates openly about issues, challenges, and obstacles to find solutions and to learn from mistakes
* Supports, participates in, and expresses enthusiasm for innovation
* Regularly analyze existing practices and propose improvements and innovative approaches to improve product documentation and productivity.
* Regularly analyzes existing practices and proposes improvements and innovative approaches
* Works with others in complex, often undefined situations and develops innovative solutions (communicating with manager as appropriate)
* Takes responsibility for identifying, implementing, and refining standards, practices, and processes (communicating with manager as appropriate)

Versatility Autonomy
* Helps to implement change in support of team and organizational goals
* Requires little supervision or guidance with routine assignments and established processes; quickly develops independence with new tasks and requirements
* Quickly adapts to changing requirements while communicating impacts and negotiating next steps
* Participates in special projects/initiatives, in addition to regular duties
* Assumes responsibility for assigned projects/technologies and keeps manager and others informed of progress

Accountability, Leadership
* Puts Cisco's and the team's success above individual gains
* Reports status, issues, and challenges to team members and manager
* Provides input on goal, strategies, and practices
* Informs and consults with manager when facing new and complex situations
* Communicates with confidence, enthusiasm, and a respect for differing perspectives
* Provides input on goal setting, resource planning, and strategy
* Takes ownership of initiatives and drives them through to successful completion

Teamwork and Collaboration
* Serves as a go-to person based on knowledge of tools, processes, customers, and/or subject matter
* Capable of being a team expert in at least one area (tools, processes, content strategy, etc.) Demonstrates professional conduct in all communications and activities
* Earns trust through honest communication, open-minded listening, and responsive action
* Encourages and values diversity in people and perspectives; willing to change an existing vision, strategy, or decision based on information from others
* Actively shares information and ideas with team members
* Helps coworkers (with a deadline, technical problem, etc.)
* Seeks and responds positively to feedback
* Capably resolves conflicts to ensure good interpersonal and team dynamics
* Seeks opportunities for collaboration with other individuals and teams to achieve common goals
* Takes action to remove organizational barriers and revise or eliminate work processes that contribute to a "silo" (not enterprise or cross-functional)

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