Software Engineer IV

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    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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    Engineer - Software
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  • Technology Interest
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Cisco Cloud Security is a leading provider of web security and DNS services, enabling the world to connect to the Internet with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our approach is twofold; first Umbrella, our cloud-delivered network security service, blocks advanced attacks including malware, botnets, and phishing threats, while our predictive intelligence engine uses machine learning to automate protection against newly-discovered threats before they can reach our customers. Today, we handle more than 80 billion daily Internet requests from 65 million+ users around the world. Our global network has proven reliability and adds no latency. We protect each and every one of our customers' devices globally without any hardware to install or software to maintain.

Working at Cisco Cloud Security means being surrounded by passionate, intelligent and creative people that are determined to disrupt the Internet security industry with innovative ideas, world-class research and unrivaled products and services. It's a place where the best ideas are quickly transformed into products, features, campaigns and company-wide practices, so it won't be long before you witness the results of your hard work. But don't just take our word for it - we've seen nearly 100% year-over-year usage growth.

About the team
We build the core security features and functionality of our Next Gen cloud security product (Umbrella) and build distributed Web Proxy systems at scale. Our environment processes 2,000,000+ requests per second, across 25 datacenters and cloud providers. The team is passionate about securing the world and building cutting edge user experiences.

Role & Responsibilities
We are looking for a full stack web applications engineer. The ideal candidate will have worked with and built REST APIs, have experience building micro-services, and have experience or show interest in leading architectural and technical decisions with the team. You would be responsible for working in many areas of the Umbrella product, which include front-end UI development in Javascript and React to PHP and Node-based APIs to interfacing with people in various other teams to get the job done.
Minimum Qualifications
* Experience building front-end UIs in Javascript, HTML and CSS
* Experience with React
* Experience with Node.js, AngularJS
* Experience with Java, C#, PHP
* Experience with Protractor, Mocha
* Experience with Docker is a plus
* Experience with relational databases such as MySQL and Amazon RDS
* Understanding of RESTful API design practices
* Understanding of micro-service and service oriented design
* Desire to interface with other teams in order to help extend their features and functionality as APIs
* Desire to drive a consistent API design language across the organization
* Experience designing, supporting, and implementing back-end web services is a plus
* Experience building scalable, asynchronous, decoupled, and highly fault tolerant systems is a plus
* Comfortable in Linux environments, and working with a command line
* Experience working with test automation and build systems such as Jenkins

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